Pyramid Shaped Box ( for Hershey's Kiss 200grs)

Hello, everyone! Today Project is Pyramid Shaped Box, for Hershey's kiss 200grs.

Cardstock measures 15" x '5".
Score at 5", and 10", two sides
Make a notch at 7 1/2", all four sides.
Cut as shown.

Make a tringle, all four sides.

Cut as shown.
Crease all lines.
With pencil, mark F on one side, and B on the other side.

Cut, B side as shown.

Cut, F side as shown.

DSP measures 5" x 5" (four pcs red), and (four pcs floral).

With pencil mark half (at 2 1/2"), all 8 pcs.

Cut, from pencil mark until the end.

Cut the other side, too.

Cut 1/8" at the end of triangle, as shown.
Cut 1/4" at the end (for floral).
Do the same with other pieces.

Glue DSPS, red first, then floral.
Make two holes, F and B side.
Embellish with tafetta ribbon.
Glue two sides, as shown.

 Embellish with Leather tread.

The box when finished measures 5" (width) x 5" (height) x 5" (depth).

Have a wonderful day!!



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